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The evolution of our Tournament

jeffcpr | Published tue Nov 07, 2017 2:30 pm | 1083 Views

When the FTFF was started it was the idea of reaching out to the float tube community out there.  The idea was to meet new people that shared the passion of this unique and growing sport.  Over the last 8 years, we have had our ups and downs and learned from it all.  One thing was always on the lips of most of our members ( TOURNAMENTS ).   We tried in the past to run a few tournament ideas, but nothing seemed to stick.  But now 8 years later I think we have found the base and the interest that will make our Float Tube Tournament Series successful.

This started with an idea of getting the online float tube fishing community on the forum to compete in 2 separate tournament series that would last a few months each.  The prizes would come from supporting sponsors and companies that shared our passion for the sport.  In turn, we would promote through tournament cards and social media posting the companies supporting us.  The concept was simple, sign up as many people as possible create the rules and have fun fishing in your neck of the woods. Post your catch on the forum and receive your points for your catch.  At the end of the tournament, the winner simply had the most points from all points added up.

It was a good idea and we decided to go with it first running a test run with a few members, and then after feeling that we had the kinks worked out running the full tournament.  So starting the beginning of January 2017 we ran our first event for 4 months.  We quickly learned that 4 months was not a good idea.  The momentum and interest were lost halfway through. We also learned that there needs to be some way of making sure the float tubers that had plenty of free time did not run away with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  This we felt keep the weekend angler from the feel that they could compete and just simply gave up to defeat right away. 

So back to the drawing board for the next event.  We dropped the next event to 3 months and then had an online discussion about a tighter points structure and ways to give all float tubers a fair chance.  This was not an easy discussion but we worked our way through and felt we came up with a good system.  Implemented was a 200 point max per week.  The hope was with the adding of challenge points (ie.. biggest fish every 2 weeks, and 3 species bonus points) that more people would be working to catch bigger and different fish to extend there 200 point max each week. For the most part, this did work and our shorter and more controlled tournament did very well.  But there is always room for improvement.  So back to the drawing board and discussions of where changes should be made. 

So that leads to the Float Tube Tournament Series 2018.  This year 2 events first one starts January 6th to March 31st and June 30th to September 29th.  The improvements are as follows.  You will be allowed to post a total of 5 fish a week for the points awarded for each fish species.  Included with each fish will be an extra 2 points for each full inch over the minimum length of each species on the list.  The hope is this will lead to a feeling that even those that are behind in points still have a shot at landing a few nice fish and adding some big points to bring them up in the leaderboard fast.  Finally, in hopes to improve the overall posting of fish from everyone, there will be a raffle held at the end for prizes that will be awarded to those that posted a catch during the tournament.  This will exclude the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners and we hope to have at least 3 prizes to give away in this raffle.  

I would like to thanks, those that have competed in our first few online Float Tube Tournament Series events.  Listed below are all those that signed up to compete since the beginning.  If you think you have what it takes please be sure to sign up on the Float Tube Fishing Forum and have fun competing with us on the Float Tube Tournament Series Stage.

Ornery Bob 
Carla "Bassin Grammy" 
SP Dan
Mark Bean
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