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jeffcpr | Published fri Jan 05, 2018 12:56 pm | 101 Views

OK so tomorrow starting 12:01 the #floattubetournamentseries is open to all signed up.  Please don't forget there are ways to earn extra points during this event.

First, you can score an extra 2 points per inches over the minimum length and a minimum of 5 fish posted per week. Example if you caught a Large Mouth Bass, minimum 14" and it measured 18". You would get your 20 points and you would also get an extra 8 points which would get you 28 points for the one fish. The limit of 5 fish per week would get 140 points for the week and the extra points for fish longer then the minimum length would score you more points in the week. 

I think some people feel limiting the points would be wrong and discourage people from fishing. But if they can get more points for bigger fish this would lead to more fishing and trying to improve your catch length that are posted. I feel that the 5 fish limit would allow those that could only fish the weekend a chance to catch up or at least feel less like they won't be able to catch up. 

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