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Why to do float tube

jeffcpr | Published fri Mar 02, 2018 2:42 pm | 986 Views

7:30 am and the 3rd walker has noticed me and stopped with an inquisitive look, and yet again I hear what is that, what are you doing, are your legs in the water.  These questions are so normal any more I don't even stop in my back cast to answer.  Yet no matter how much time we spend in the water people cannot help but stop to find out more.  I think people generally think I am crazy, but truth be told I think they are crazy.  Why do you float tube what is it that makes you want more time on the water?  I believe it lies in the 5 senses.

I have been float tube fishing for the last 20 years now, never as much as I would like but I do get out and enjoy my time when I do.  When I was fresh out of high school my hobby was mountain biking, and then like now I have always had a smile on my face after a day immersed in my hobby.  Think of your 5 senses which feed our soul all the outside stimuli we crave.  The sights in most cases are very important and being on the water feed this need very well.  The sunrise from most waters are just amazing, and there is watching the sunlight dance on the water.  Me personally I love to look through the water to the world below, my mind is filled with unlimited possibilities as I soak in all the visual stimuli.  The smells of the outdoors have always been a pleasure to me, and when I am floating on the water you are in the middle of all those smells.  Smells lead to memories and when I am out there certain smells will trigger those memories from the past, of fish caught and good times spent with friends and families.

The sound of the water or the wind, are very instrumental in our absorbing the environment.  Add to this the sound of the birds, wildlife, and the anticipation of hearing a fish break free of the water and return to the deep.  These sounds help heighten your senses and keep you in a sense of calm excitement.  Not many would agree that the taste of the outdoors would be a great thing but I say they have not experienced it as it should be.  To start early in the morning and get that taste of the salt in the air from the harbor we are float tube fishing, grounds you and give you the feeling of being one with your surroundings.  This leaves us with only touch left and I hold this for last because the ultimate reward for a great day of float tube fishing is to have a chance to touch your objective.  To be able to touch your reward the fish you are hunting is to make the moment real.  To hold your catch up as a picture is taken is a reward within a reward.  And even better yet with the chance to touch or hard work, we can let it go and hope to conquer it again sometime in the future.  Why do I float tube, as you can see its to feed my soul through the 5 senses and because of the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and touch I can never get enough and I always am looking for more.  I hope you can join me someday as I am sure you will see that your soul is craving the same.

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