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Trout Lures

jeffcpr | Published fri May 04, 2018 2:03 pm | 1062 Views

Common Lures For Trout Fishing

To imitate the creatures trout eat, there are a few main types of lures. If you’re going trout fishing, make sure to pack at least one of each of these:


Grasshoppers, beetles, crickets and other larger bugs end up falling into the rivers and streams of trout all the time. They’re used to seeing them as easy snacks. Try drowning live grasshoppers or using imitators to float in the current.


Tubes imitate zooplankton and other easy snacks all fish snack on. Truth be told they don’t look much like anything swimming in the water. But truth be told they get bit a LOT. So, keep them in the tackle box.


Trout love to feast on smaller baitfish, especially bigger trout. The best way to trigger strikes when they are up feeding on baitfish is a paddletail swimbait that can disrupt the column.

Worm Imitators

Obviously, live worms get bit by just about every fish and this is one of the most simple trout catching techniques. Some downsized soft plastic worms are great choices for trout. Bright colors that can be detected in moving water are a plus when fishing rivers.


Crankbaits may not be your first choice when fishing for trout, but big trout will hit a crank as large as 1/3 or eve 1/2 of their size. With sharp teeth like trout have, it doesn’t take much to suffice for a snack for them, and they have no problem eating portions of a fish too big to swallow whole.

Salmon Eggs

Trout are notorious scavengers, raiding spawning beds of other fish constantly to feed on their eggs. Cut one belly open and you’ll see tons of roe. Thread a few onto a size 6 hook and they will treat it like a buffet.


Flashy spoons, especially those tipped with feathers and sometimes even wax worms, are effective for trout all year long. They thrive, however, in colder weather when the bite slows down. Their flashiness can annoy and entice into a bit bite.


Spinners and rooster tails are the bread and butter of trout anglers nationwide. Easily changed in and out on a swivel, they get bit anywhere in a lake, but their flapping blades are suited to add flash to a river current.


Essentially any dough bait will be called “powerbait” by a trout angler, just like every tissue is called a kleenex and every disc is called a frisbee. If there are stocked trout anywhere in the vicinity, it’s worth having a few colors of powerbait to ball up onto a hook and give a go.

I have been trout fishing since I was a kid and it is pretty much how I learned the finer point of fishing.  Now I don't trout fish much at all anymore, but that does not mean I don't like it.  Trout fishing is an art and when coupled with the float tube it can be a very exciting adventure.  I would like to take the time to look at a few of my favorite lures to trout fish with and give some explanation on how I use them and why. 

Let's start with the one that has produced the most trout for me the Spinner.  I have always use the Roostertail spinner's in Greens, Browns, and Chartreuse as well.  These lures are simple to use and can be very effective if fished in the right conditions.  I like to fish these lures in the early morning at sunrise as the flash of the blade seems to be just right.  I will cast out to my spot, let it sink to the bottom and reel slow back in waiting for the strick.  The other idea is to reel and pause, reel pause..... Let it fall a little on the pause and this might trigger that aggressive fish.  The trick is to keep the blade moving, this gives the eye-catching flash and it also causes a pulsing in the water that you can feel in your rod if it is sensitive enough. 

Another good producer is the spoon.  My favorites are by Thomas Buoyant and the colors are either silver, chrome, or neon colors for me.  The spoon can be hit on the drop so be ready for that strike to come when you least expect it.  These spoons seem to work best when it is colder than normal for me.  Cast out your spoon and let it fall when you hit your desired depth it is time to reel slow and allow it to wobble back and forth.  The flash can be effective but the wobble is the killer.  

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not explain the tube.  This small bit of plastic or fly style with feather tails are just amazing if fish right for trout.  These lures are differnet then the other two discussed (Rooster Tail, and Spoons) they do not need to be fishing with a steady retieve.

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