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FishTrax and its Versatility

jeffcpr | Published mon May 21, 2018 2:11 pm | 983 Views

When I am asked what our goals were when we were designing the FishTrax line of fish finders I can sum

it up with one word “versatility”. When out in the field I was always intrigued (and impressed) by the

ingenuity of fellow anglers craftily building mounts for displays and transducers, going to great lengths

to make a boat mount fish finder “work” in a portable application. And while some were having success

using lunky 12v batteries and handmade mounts at the end of the day it was apparent these units were

just not made for this environment.

We took all of this into account when designing the FishTrax housing and the most logical solution was

to utilize the popular ¼ 20 male thread almost every track attachment system on the market was

already using- We wanted to make a fish finder that could be paired with an accessory mount to fit any


The Float Tube mount was designed with the angler in mind. We are fisherman and we know that the

last thing you want to be worrying about was the tedious installation of gear every time you want to get out

on the water. The adjustable nylon strap is equipped with both a display and transducer mount and

simply clips around the tube in the location that best fits your visibility needs. The display mount has a

male ¼ 20 thread that you simply screw the display onto until snug. The transducer attaches easily with

an included male to male parallel pivot adapter. Once attached and adjusted you can simply unlatch the

clip when done fishing and stow away, then reattach when you hit the water again.

Did I mention that all FishTrax fish finders are IPX7 waterproof? They also run off 4 AAA batteries so no

more towing around a cumbersome 12v power source. All of this is backed by an industry leading 2 year


For more information regarding the FishTrax line of fish finders and the many accessories available

please visit

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