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FLOAT TUBE FISHING FORUM » Float Tubes, Pontoons and Related Equipment Discussions » Float Tube and Pontoon Tips, Tricks and Mods » Lure Sleeve Trick (Homeade Lure Keeper/Rod protector)

Lure Sleeve Trick (Homeade Lure Keeper/Rod protector)

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FTFF Member
FTFF Member
Since we are building things today here is a trick I use. You know that
cheap grey pipe isulation that is hollow and has a partial slit cut up the side? I have paid 5 or 6 bucks to get nylon with velcro lure sleeves that wrap around your lure for transport to keep the hooks from
getting caught in things. Instead, just cut 3 to 6 inch sections of that insulation and then slit the side open and you can pop them over a lure and squeeze and they hold real nice. Open real easy too. This can save your tube from catching a hook if you toss your rods in the truck with lures attached like I do when I'm in a hurry. And leaving the lures tied on is great for just moving to another spot or even overnight.
Ok then, back to my editing. I've got a movie to produce!!LOL


New FTFF Member
New FTFF Member
Nice tip. I was just looking into some lure wraps since I got a tube, and this will be an excellent way to do it.

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