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Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report

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1Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report Empty Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report on Mon Jul 18, 2016 6:33 am


Team Poseidon
Team Poseidon
Bassway Strip

Sunday 17 July, 2016

Up at 3 a.m. with thunder, lightning and rain. Always an ominous beginning no matter what your doing. While I'm making coffee I thought about meteorologists and concluded that I don't like them.

Ignoring the weather I carry my coffee mug around while I gather gear for the trip. I am a morning person and have always enjoyed the morning pack-out for a trip. I am determined to not forget anything. I focus on the task at hand and ignore the weather.

I've loaded my gear and sitting in the car enjoying the lightning and rain when Jaded pulls up. I was afraid the weather would scare everyone away. However Jaded is just as crazy as I am. Muffin is in the truck asleep.

We stand out in the rain in solidarity discussing the trip at hand. We trade a few fish stories waiting for anyone else to show. Apparently the storm has filtered out the sane members. We begin our two vehicle caravan.

The weather at the lake is beautiful! Ambient temp is 73 deg. and the water is 75 deg. with a 10-12 mph wind from the west. Karma is on our side. We prep our tubes anxious to get on the water. There are large fish splashes all over the lake.

Jaded and Muffin get on the water first. Jaded lands the first catch of the day just as I am kicking away from the edge. Before I finish rigging Jaded makes another catch!

I decide to head down to the eastern end of the lake. That's where it's fed from the North Platte and it's where I also had the best action last time I was here.

I caught three bass, all 15 in. and Markiemark9 shows up! Four brave (crazy) tubers on the water despite the ominous storm. But fishing karma is on our side. The wind died down to a gentle breeze with a gorgeous sunrise!

Markiemark9 fly-casts his way down to us at the east end where we meet for the first time. We trade some fish stories and show off some lures as fishermen will often do. Then we get back to some serious fishing.

We laughed and fished until about 12:30 p.m. I thought I had the most unusual catch when I hooked another frog with a frog. But Jaded definitely hooked the most unusual catch of the day! He was hopping a plastic worm across the bottom center of the lake and hooked a Rod and Reel with a plastic worm still on it!

Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report 2016-113

Muffin was out of sorts and didn't manage to catch anything. Jaded had an unusual day, catching two 15 in. Bass and one Rod and Reel. Markiemark9 caught his Bass on a fly rod with flies that he ties himself. I was able to rack up 9 14-15 in. Bass on a Top Water Frog. Oh...and yet another frog.

A few mementos of the trip:

Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report Astk0011
Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report Dsc00211
Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report Dsc00210
Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report Gopr0010
Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report Gopr0011
Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report Gopr0012

It was a great day of fishing! We got to meet the newest member of the Hooked in the Heartland Chapter. We traded some fish stories and had some good laughs. Heck, we even caught some fish.

And no matter how determined I was...I still forgot something! Notice that I'm not wearing my signature black Hat? No

Thanks for reading our report. Next time we head to the eastern part of the state to fish Markiemark9's neck of the woods!
Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report Bass_s76

2Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report Empty Re: Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report on Mon Jul 18, 2016 11:23 am


Junior FTFF Member
Junior FTFF Member
It was great meeting everyone and fun catching some fish with you guys!

Here are 3 of my nicer fish from yesterday:

Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report Img_0710

Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report Img_0711

Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report Img_0712

3Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report Empty Re: Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report on Mon Jul 18, 2016 11:43 am


Team Poseidon
Team Poseidon
Likewise, it was great meeting and fishing with you. Let me know as soon as you decide which lake in your backyard is the next meet-up location.
Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report 2016-214

4Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report Empty Re: Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report on Mon Jul 18, 2016 5:48 pm


Thanks for the report bigfish.
That sure looks like a nice spot for bass.
Is that a personal best on the frog, or just one of many?

Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report Ftff1510

Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report Ladopu10

Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report Image11

5Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report Empty Re: Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report on Mon Jul 18, 2016 6:54 pm


Team Poseidon
Team Poseidon
One of many!
Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report 2016-216

6Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report Empty Re: Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report on Mon Jul 18, 2016 9:28 pm


Senior FTFF Member
Senior FTFF Member
Great report! Nice to see you guys getting out and having fun!

7Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report Empty Re: Rewind, Rinse and Repeat--Report on Tue Jul 19, 2016 12:04 pm

Tony G Fishing

Tony G Fishing
Awesome report!!! sounds like it was a blast...good job to all! salute salute

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