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Mandatory catch and keep!

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1 Mandatory catch and keep! on Sat Apr 22, 2017 11:13 pm


Team Poseidon
Team Poseidon
A few of our So Cal private pay to fish lakes insist that if you catch a catfish by mistake while fishing for bass, you have to keep that catfish as part of your catfish limit. The bass are strictly catch and release which is fine. Some places also insist on you keeping any Bluegill you may catch. I don't want any catfish or little panfish to bring home. I spent good money to just have fun and try to catch a bass or two. If a Channel Catfish grabs my barbless spinnerbait or any other lure meant for bass (which they will do once in a while..they are predators after all), what I usually do is get down and carefully unhook it and let it swim away saying loudly "Dammit!", or let it slip out of my hand while "putting it on a stringer". Giving them away is another option, but they might not like that either. I guess I understand the problem of a catfish hooked deep in the throat or gills and bleeding badly, obviously a good chance of it dying after being released. I know these fish are costly to stock, but if you can wet your hands first and safely unhook it and let it go, shouldn't you?
Any one else have this problem?

2 Re: Mandatory catch and keep! on Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:43 am


Team Poseidon
Team Poseidon
Its not really the fact of the fish hooking its self deep or people not knowing the proper CPR techniques. A lot of these pay lakes have the rules in place to help with fish management especially the smaller lakes / ponds .. A lake stocked with panfish or catfish can quickly get out of hand due to the reproduction of the fish species and them out competing with the younger bass for food and thus causing stunted growths in fish and or death .. especially Bluegills they are vicious feeders and breeders .. so having small lake management is critical for these waters trying to grow a larger class of game fish .

So I guess i have no problem with these rules as they are helping the water in general to grow more Trophy fish , so that is a +++++

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