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The Complete Angler

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1The Complete Angler Empty The Complete Angler on Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:49 pm

Ornery Bob

Ornery Bob
I lived in London for a couple of years and my English girlfriend gave me a copy of The Complete Angler, first published in 1653.

Yes, a book on fishing that's more than 300 years old. Its unique, to say the least. Its well known in the UK, but virtually unknown here. Every recreational fisherman I met in England had read it.

Its in the public domain, so its free to download. Here's a link to the .pdf  if you're interested. If you're not a history buff, its probably not for you, but I find it fascinating.

Its one of those books you can read snippets from time to time.

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2The Complete Angler Empty Re: The Complete Angler on Wed Oct 17, 2018 8:20 am


Team Poseidon
Team Poseidon
This beginning passage has got me. I will be reading it for sure. How much more formal can one be?
Sounds so interesting.

SIR,---I have made so ill use of your former favours as by them to be
encouraged to entreat that they may be enlarged to the patronage and
protection of this book. And I have put on a modest confidence that I shall
not be denied, because it is a Discourse of Fish and Fishing, which you
know so well, and both love and practise so much.

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