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Something to think about

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1Something to think about Empty Something to think about on Fri Dec 28, 2018 8:52 am


This has come up a few times just recently and I think it is worth sharing. Most of us I think already practice this and some may not even realize that they are practicing this.

Also, I think this is important to understand this is not just a Saltwater thing it applies to all water.

We need to remember we are guest to most of the waters we fish. When we are there we need to be polite and open to others that are there as well. For me, I launch my tube into the Harbors and Bays of So Cal. It is important for me to remembers that even though this might be public beach area it is still located in someone's backyard. Yes they choose to live there the argument can be made but they still have a right to privacy and quite as much as possible.

I bring this up because it has happened both in the past to me and others and recently as well me and others. People that are for a lack of better terms entitled can be tough to deal with. I think it is very important to remember that we are first ambassadors to our sport and ambassadors to fishing in general. We must be willing to first respect those are on the water or near around us. We must also be willing to not feel entitled ourselves when fishing. Discuss what you are doing explain why you enjoy float tubing to others and help them understand we intend to not only be respectful of those around us but also respectful to the fish we catch (ie...catch, photo, release) and we plan to leave it cleaner then we found it.

Let's be clear I am in no way saying that you or I showed roll over and just take a beating. There are entitled people out there that have learned if I yell loud enough and long enough I will get my way. No, when to pick your battles and it is not worth the fight. I know most of you very well and know you have intentions to simply enjoy your day on the water and be respectful of all those around you while you are there. Just remember we are ambassadors and as such we are the ones that represent the Float Tube Fishing Community. Let's grow this sport and grow the respect of those watching us. salute

Matthew 4:19 Fisher of Men
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2Something to think about Empty Re: Something to think about on Sat Dec 29, 2018 10:55 pm


Senior FTFF Member
Senior FTFF Member
Well written Jeff. I agree with your sentiments here.

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