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FLOAT TUBE FISHING FORUM » Fishing Tactics, Tackle, and reviews » Freshwater Fishing tips and tricks » Catfish at corona

Catfish at corona

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1Catfish at corona Empty Catfish at corona on Sun Jul 07, 2013 11:55 am


New FTFF Member
New FTFF Member
Anyone fish from a tube at corona for catfish? Any ideas tips? Ran into a guy at the car wash that says he does it all the time. I have only shore fished there.

2Catfish at corona Empty Re: Catfish at corona on Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:16 am


Senior FTFF Member
Senior FTFF Member
Tubing at the Corona lake is best thing to do. Boat..not fun at all. If you're looking for cat during the early hours, along the shore line is the best. If you're search for them during the day, fishfinder will show their hidden location. Look for underground sunken areas, especially the grassy areas at the southeast end, or the northwest side (the dam). Bring out the stinkiest bait you can find (homemade uncured concoction of chunky mackerel 1"x1" square, sitting in a blended nastiness of chicken liver, chicken blood, a bit of Velvetta cheese for binding, a few hot dogs for chunky attractant of high nitrate content, 10% salt, and 10% granule garlic powder). Secret recipe from Aaron (the lake catfish expert) that I deduced over time from his posts.

The problem is, the catfish that recently get stocked are farm-fed channel cats. They like to go for live baits, or fresh cut baits. However, that lake is so filled with stagnant leftover, the holdover channel cats are not too chosey of their meals. So, fresh stocked, not so much going for the stinky stuff. The larger holdover..get ready. Nothing beats a live stinky nightcrawler, or Alabama/Georgia jumper wiggling furiously at the bottom of the water.

3Catfish at corona Empty Re: Catfish at corona on Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:54 am


Indeed Leo hit it on the head , The southern trees are on fire and you need a Tube , the shore line just stinks there , especially during the day and early morning. If you go during the day the tube or a boat is a must !

You can Practically sit on top of the fish and they still bite .. Easy way to do it Fly line some mackerel in the Trees , with some Bite on Cajun and hang on .

Tight Lines and i apologize for the spelling errors , I just got done working a 15hr shift and I am very tired ,


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