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FLOAT TUBE FISHING FORUM » Float Tubes, Pontoons and Related Equipment Discussions » Fishing Related Discussions » Keitech FAT Swing Impact

Keitech FAT Swing Impact

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1 Keitech FAT Swing Impact on Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:17 pm

Ornery Bob

Thank's to a mention by frankd619, I decided to try these swim baits and I decided they deserved a second vote.

I fished the 2.8 in the "Sexy Shad" color on 1/8 oz realistic looking jig heads in both regular and underspin style. I clipped the rounded heads back a bit to make them snug up to the jig heads better. I'm a believer in realistic eyes and profile.

Up until now, the only swim baits I've used have been Big Hammers and they've caught me a lot of fish. I always give them the hot water treatment to soften them up a bit and make them swim better. As you probably know, the "secret" to getting the best action is careful hook placement. It has to be centered side to side and it has to be the right distance back so it sits naturally on the hook.

The main difference I noted right away with the Keitech baits is they are softer. According to the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] they are also salted and have a squid scent. I understand the salting gives them a higher density and so they sink better and I did notice that they sank better than I expected on the lightweight jig heads.

They also have a very thin "hinge" section connecting the paddle tail to the body and so it gives very good swimming action at low speeds (meaning on the drop).

The only drawback is the softness equates to a lack of durability. I had two of them get bit in half by mackerels and they rarely survived a hookup and catch. At $9.00 for a pack of eight, they make me want to figure out how to pour my own.

If you're a swim bait guy, I think these are worth giving a try.

2 Re: Keitech FAT Swing Impact on Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:28 pm


Great write up and thanks for sharing Bob.
I was not aware of the built in "squid" scent.
And yea for plastics! Great action and
 Built in service life.  cheers

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

3 Re: Keitech FAT Swing Impact on Mon Feb 27, 2017 12:27 pm


Team Poseidon
Team Poseidon
Thanks for sharing Bob . This was some great info and I learned a few things myself here. I know Keitech's are the go to now pretty much for all anglers and I have used them myself and had success with them  . Upon talking with a few local tournament bass anglers I came across a good friend using the Jackall Rhythm Wave and he has been a 100% keitech guy with A-Rig's and has switched due to durability issues like a senko , will we stop using a senko ? heck no , there is no other bait on the market that falls like it , but if we could,  would we ?  just another option here for a cheaper price  Thumbs Up

Take a look : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


4 Re: Keitech FAT Swing Impact on Tue Feb 28, 2017 2:30 pm

SP Dan

I use Keitech for most of my creatures.
I can't wait to give these a cast!

SP Dan <"))><

Four out of the five voices that I hear in my head tell me to .... "go for it"!!!  [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

"Obsessive Compulsive Fishing Disorder"!

5 Re: Keitech FAT Swing Impact on Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:50 pm


New FTFF Member
New FTFF Member
Keitechs are great. I still use big hammers but they just get better action, especially when fishing slow for the harbor. But, the salt they use causes them to not be very durable. I'm lucky to get 2 bites without replacing my bait. Last month I bought 2 packs of them and I am almost out after only 2 trips. I usually fish the 3.3" on a 3/8 Owner darter head. Although clipping the tip off makes it fit the jighead better, I actually found that it stays on better if you leave the tip on.

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