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Raffling off a Maxxon XPW 240 - Tue May 28, 2019 3:20 pm

OK guys this is a go we will be starting up the raffle June 10th for the Maxxon XPW 240 brand new in the box.  The Raffle for will a max of 25 spots open $50 per spot and a max of only 2 spots per person.  When I open this up I will put a message out and the first 25 slots filled will close the thread (I am sure it will go fast).  

Once they are all in I will turn around and start collecting payments there will be a time frame for that as well we will say 48 hours after I put out the PayPal link.  If you do not make the payment in they 48-hour time slot your spot could go to someone else that is waiting.

Next step will be to assign your slots and that will be by random drawing.  so if you have 2 slots you will be assigned 2 slots you just don't know what 2 slots they will be.  You could have any of the 2 from #1 to #25 it will be chosen randomly and the video of this happening will be available on the forum in the appropriate thread.  Once we have all the slots filled we will conduct the online raffle which will be done the same way that we used to select the slots your name was added to.  There can only be one winner and it will be simple by chance.

If we chose to run this again and I am sure we will the winner from the last raffle will not be allowed to be in the next raffle.  The hope here is to get this boat on the water with other people so they can also share with others what they think.  Please let me know what you all think and if you are interested in being in the raffle.

You must be in the U.S. to be apart of the Raffle.

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